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The New Tarot were born in the dust of the great explosion just like everything else. They like magick, and art and tea, and being sisters.
Life is weird, be strange, not a stranger.
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The New Tarot is a post-genre indie alternative band based out of Brooklyn, NY. The Walker sisters, Monika (vocals/guitar) and Karen (vocals/keyboard), formed their band in the spring of 2014. While performing poetry outside Union Square’s subway entrance, Monika Walker captivated the attention of a passing man, who would later become the band’s manager. After hearing the brilliance in Monika’s use of verbiage and poetry, and learning she had a sister studying music composition at college, the soon-to-be manager convinced Karen to leave college and pursue a career in music with her sister. Shortly thereafter, they were able to put in motion their debut self-titled EP, released fall of 2014. The band creates archetypes throughout their music and their stories are filled with chaos, harmony and the concept of space within ourselves and the universe. [+]
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