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The Moose consists of two brothers, Mitch and Matt Bellock and their close friend, Dave Catanese. Mitch and Matt have been creating music together since early childhood, but spent their adolescence in various bands and musical projects. Their decision to come together and form The Moose began as an experimental jam session and spent about two years as an object of procrastination before finally becoming a serious musical endeavor in early 2012. It was soon after their debut E.P. was released that May that the brothers brought Dave Catanese in to play the part of a stage drummer. Dave had been a good friend of theirs since the first grade, and after showing off his energetic and creative drum skills in a couple metal and pop-punk bands during high school, he became a clear first choice for The Moose. He was originally told he was strictly brought in to be a “stage musician,” but the musical chemistry between Dave and the Bellock brothers was strong enough to justify altering the band’s style to include a drummer full-time. The trio pulls influence from many places. All of them having roots in metal and pop-punk, those influences create a rough-around-the-edges backdrop for their alternative hooks and choruses. [+]
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