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Nothing has come with ease for THE MOBROS, a virtuosic electric guitar and drum duo comprised of two brothers from the small historic town of Camden, South Carolina have worked for everything they’ve earned. They’ve become a real model of what being a DIY band means. From booking and performing over 200 dates alone in 2014, (all while living in their van), to filming their own music videos, to producing their debut record “Walking With A Different Stride” which has gained much praise from weekly’s, magazines, and blog’s alike from places as far as London, England. “WWADS” was recorded live to 2” tape at the renowned Chase Park Transductions in Athens, GA, which has produced records by Drive By Truckers, Future Birds, REM, and many others. THE MOBROS worked with recording engineer, Will Manning.
THE MOBROS dub their sound “Western Soul” which they will recall (if asked) that it was a scene with Cleavon Little riding into town on a horse in the classic Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles” that gave them the inspiration for their sound. If the empowering soulful melodies and nuances of Jackie Wilson, The Everly Brothers, and Sam Cooke were to meet with the driving grittiness of Led Zeppelin and THE BAND that is what THE MOBROS like to envision when they think of their music. Often times a chorus from their song can be found laced with their now signature falsetto harmonies.
Since the release of their Debut album in February of 2014 they have played well over 200 dates just in ’14, all of which they booked themselves, often times they are booking their next tour while on the road. They have played such festivals as Atlanta’s Sweet Water 420 Fest opening for Anders Osborne, Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC, Savannah, GA’s St Patty’s Day Festival, Deutsch Town Fest in Pittsburgh, St. Pats Fest in Columbia, SC, and many more festivals. They’ve been featured on The Better Show in NYC, which is a nationally syndicated daytime talk show in over 200 markets. Their biggest accomplishment to date is being hand picked by B.B. King to open for two of his summer tour dates in VA and SC.
They are currently now back on the road for 2015 hoping to play more than 250 shows this year all while recording and releasing their next record. Look for them in a city near you. [+]
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