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Being surrounded by music their whole lives had an impact on these four musicians who were brought together while studying music in New York City. By sharing a similar passion, these four guys became The Marquee.

The Marquee came to life in 2011, when long time friends Maurice Alban and Carlos Jaramillo recorded an EP in a small Brooklyn studio. Months pass before they get the opportunity to meet William Pearson, a multi-instrumentalist from upstate NY to helm the bass, and Louis Cozza, a Philadelphia based drummer going to school in NYC. Once united, their love for music and strong chemistry lead the way to performing live, debuting them selves in Webster Hall's Marlin Room, and taking the summer of 2012 to stop at countless clubs and venues across New York. In the winter of 2012, they got the opportunity to visit Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, where they recorded their EP "The Day We Never Met". 2013 brought bigger shows and support; with highlights of performing at the CBGB's Music Festival, The Fire in Philadelphia and Brooklyn's Knitting Factory fresh in their minds; they gear up for a new record and a busy 2014.

*The Marquee has had the chance to be featured on Earbits Radio, GasHouse Radio Philly, Phonetic Bells, New York's The Music Building sponsored by The Deli Magazine, Converse Rubber Tracks, and BandPage.

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"Dream Big & Dare to Fail"- Norman D. Vaughan. [+]
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