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The Lawsuits have been called “sugar-coated country rock meets seventies pop rock”, while their music has been praised as a “schizophrenic mix of modern americana that could very well bring traditionalists and the new generation of folk-rock fans together under one sun.” They play with an energy that’s infectious, charging through changeups and reveling in every solo, making the playing of each song look as enjoyable as it is to listen to. The songs are intricate and insightful in a way that recalls a time when music was more pure, but with a progressive and lighthearted style that seems natural for such a young group. The band consists of songwriter and lyricist Brian Dale Allen Strouse, accompanied by Vanessa Winter's alternately dancing and soulful vocals over the tight and powerful backing of Brendan Michael Cunningham, Josh Aaron Friedman and Noah Skaroff. [+]
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