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The Komplex is an experimental musical soundscape that will make you laugh, cry, and even provoke the question of why?! Are You Komplex?
It has been said time and time again. "You never know what to expect from us, "LIFE" is an emotional roller coaster full of ups and down. All we can do is go along with the ride letting the light inside be our guide."
L.I.F.E Music is the best way to describe what happens as Love, Chewi, L, Nick, Mia and Trey release immense waves of energy generated from latent feelings within. As these feelings manifest they are expressed through their instruments and into your ears with no regard towards stylistic boundaries. The sound that emerges from the Komplex both live and in the studio is as varied and diverse as the many influences they adapt from. No matter what the venue, the energetic joy and catharsis of a “Komplex” show is infectious.
The psychedelic improvisation of progressive experimental funk fusion with thumping bass grooves, smooth tickling of the ivory, electrifying guitar licks and mind blowing drumming has thrilled audiences across the Southern states. Their positive vibe, energetic stage presence, and undeniable talent has earned them praise amongst their peers. “The Komplex” isn’t so much a jam band as they are a band that jams.

Band Interests

Written By: Julian Marcos Hood

The Komplex is an explosive Tyler band that plays a psychedelic blend of rock-and-roll, funk and jazz.
The band plays manically charged shows around East Texas that seizes audiences with emotion. It will make you dance and cry. However, it will never bore you.
The Komplex began as heavy hitting rock group in 2008 after its two core members- front man Kendrick “Love” Brown and drummer Eric “Chewie” Taylor- met. Their music was an intense wall of rock-and-roll fueled by Love’s wild stage antics and Chewie’s mechanical precision. Now, with a more eclectic mix of music, Love tries to cater music to the audience. “It depends on what the people wanna feel, what the people wanna move to,” says Brown.
Their music is based in funky rock, but the band often makes frenzied tangents into Latin and jazz. Their musical range is refreshing and unusual around Tyler.
The current lineup is a five-piece band that includes Nick Jones on Saxophone, Rhythm guitarist Mia Milavickas and bassist L Jones also join the core group. The new band adds another level to the harmonious chaos, creating a dynamic grooving sound that would start a riot in New Orleans.
The band’s new album, Divination for the Despondent, is due for release April 5th.

When “Love” gets on stage, people notice.
His masterful guitar playing is almost secondary to his charisma as a performer. He howls and dances like James Brown and his guitar sounds funky like Prince with the technical psychedelia of Jimi Hendrix.
At 25, Love’s music career spans more than a decade. He began in the Tyler metal scene where Love played drums with influential band “Vessels Cast from Crippled Hands” at 16 and later with the flamboyant arena-rock group “Rocket Queen”. These experiences have honed his performance into what it is now- technically refined yet raw and emotive.

[“Anything that pains me- like love- things that just bring torment to me, I always play to the fullest so that I can get it off my chest,” says Kendrick. “Sometimes you’ll catch me up there crying.”]

Eric “Chewie” Taylor is the backbone to the Komplex. He drums with superb technical finesse wrapped up in a whole lot of soul.
With 30 years experience drumming, Chewie can credit his tight, soulful groove to his first gig- in church. Later, his training in jazz and metal honed his technical ability.
Strong and precise, Chewie’s drumming provides a mesmerizing structure amidst the Komplex’s harmonic layers. With lightning fast speed, he can transition the band into any number of styles from salsa to jazz to metal.

[“I think it’s a product of everything that you came up with as far as growing up,” says Chewie. “All of our musical styles and influence, it bleeds out. You are what you eat, that’s what they say.”] [+]
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