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In the vast wide open fields of Americana, The J.Miller Band is staking their claim! The band consists of Jason Miller (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Jason Gilmore (Mandolin and Lead Guitar), Andrew Koken (Bass), and Hans Shopen (Drums). The band can captivate you with their Acoustic Set, or quickly get you up on your feet when they electrify! Miller's songwriting is very genuine! He grew up in Northwest Indiana among the smokestacks of "Steel Mill Country" and those midwestern small town experiences shine through in his songwriting! His voice runs like an old small block, steady and smooth. Andrew Koken is from right here in Colorado Springs! Andrew has spent years on the Bass and has shared the stage with many of Colorado's premier musicians. Andrew has a technical knowledge of music that makes for a polished rhythm section that commandeer's the band. Hans Schopen made his way back to Colorado Springs after an extended stay on the island of Maui! He is originally from Virginia and moved to Maui at the old age of 14. Hans played in metal bands primarily and that genre really honed his skills. Schopen has wonderful touch and he brings a slightly different musical angle to the band. He can whisper with brushes or stand up the songs with sticks, either way you'll hear some veteran drumming! Jason Gilmore is a multi-instrumentalist who brings a plethora of styles to the table! Gilmore has played in many successful bands along the front range! He hails from Galesburg, Illinois and came to Colorado years ago to immerse himself in music and that dedication has paid off! Gilmore is a solid soloist always on the ready. He is always prepared and has the song's best interest at heart. The J.Miller Band is truly a result of musical friends getting together for one purpose, to sing the songs, play their instruments, and enjoy all the fruits of their labors!
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