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The IL.Literits defy all genres by creating their own. Their sound is loud, witty and abrasive. Its aggressive yet often melodic. It’s rooted in Hip-Hop but goes beyond to incorporate elements of funk, soul, and grunge. They have dubbed this new genre BANG OUT. It’s Stadium Rap; Heavy Metal for the ghetto.
Group members LDorado Jonez, Tony Maphi, and Harvy Allbangers pair razor sharp lyrics with soundscapes as diverse as their city, Chicago. From the smooth, groovy glide of How We Roll to the hard edge of Ape Sh!t, The IL.Literits have found the perfect formula to create anthems that resonate with a wide range of listeners. They effortlessly do what seems to evade many other artist of any genre: present social critique while remaining entertaining! Their content is street savvy and insightful, package in hypnotic hooks and inescapable rhythms and deliveries. Their song writing is reflective of their eclectic influences. The IL.Literits have found inspiration in such legendary artists as The Doors, Smokey Robinson, 2Pac, Nirvana, and Outkast to name only a few.
Over a relatively short period of time, The IL.Literits have worked to build an ever-growing catalogue of impressive material. They continue to push the envelope of creativity through independently released EPs and compilations. With no intentions of stopping, The IL.Literits are here to reshape the future of music. [+]
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