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The Gypsters

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"The Gypsters have a sound that is both beautiful in its construction and horrifying in its destruction. Imagine the biggest star in the sky; then double it. Then double that, and double that. Physically that would be much bigger than the Gypsters. What was I saying?" -the Gypsters

Born in the minds of four incoherent, belligerent, dumb and all-around disconcerting individuals, the Gypsters is a hard, fast, rhythm-driven rock group from Bellingham, Washington. They play tunes that liven the legs and heat up the heart; fire up the fanny and rustle the genitals.

Alright, enough third person. We love music, and there's just nothing else to it. We live to entertain and we always know how to put on a rowdy, energetic show. We do our absolute best to create music that spans across all genres, leaving no armpit of musicality unsmelled. Our music is our life, our love, our passion, and our reason for being.

We got together in November 2011, played our first show at the now-closed B-Side Records in Seattle, and the rest has been a wild ride. Our first album dropped in May 2012, entitled 'Never Try, Never Fail'. It was a DIY project meant to bring our first set of nine songs to the world. We have since put it in moratorium and are releasing a reissue that will be fully re-recorded, re-done, and re-un-sucky. Then came the short-but-sweet EP "WHY?!!", recorded at Fairhaven College at Western Washington University. Our second full-length album, 'Get the Hell Outta Here', was released in June 2014 in conjunction with our first Pacific Northwest tour. Please enjoy a free download here:


...and four songs uploaded here on IOTM. Please enjoy and don't forget to check out our show!

"Oozing from every track of The Gypsters debut EP, Never Try Never Fail, is that hot indomitable enthusiasm shared by every musician that is passionate about their craft and lifestyle... A valiant and commendable first effort by The Gypsters, Never Try Never Fail is a genuinely entertaining first act by a promising group of young musicians that have a great understanding of how to utilize their diverse talents and how to get you moving to high intensity rock." - Patrick Wakefield for What's Up Magazine, July 2012 (album review, 'Never Try Never Fail', released May 2012)

"They make a lot of room for the instrumentation, leading the crowd through tempo changes and surprises while setting the stage for vocals. I heard so many types of music happening here (punk, ska, surf, bluegrass, just for starters) that there is trouble categorizing them; each element serves a purpose. Occasional gang vocals, bratty lyrics, attitude, and mixed genres, the Gypsters led the audience through Ellis Island into the very heart of American music." - What's Up Magazine, December 2013 (live review - 11.15.13 @ Shakedown, Bellingham)

"What makes the Gypsters’ music unique is their genre, of which their songs and playing styles encompass all ends of the spectrum from country to classic and punk rock. While appeasing the classic rock listeners with slow tempos embodied in “High in the Treetops” and “Happy Hobbies,” the slow pace quickens to punk/ska overtones in “Wake Up Screaming,” and then combines all three with a twangy pitch to get the rhythmic harmony in “Brandreth Horse Blues.”" -What's Up Magazine, June 2014 (Local Spotlight feature)
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