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We have paid our dues and been there and done that. Now were paying it forward. Just fighting along hoping to catch our break. So instead of boring you with a grandiose tale of how great and amazing, brooding and deep we are, we will just tell you a little bit about us. Who knows, maybe you'll like us.

KEVIN MACE- Coming from a small town outside of Chicago called Hanover Park, Kevin picked up his acoustic guitar at age 15 and hasn’t put it down since. Influenced by The Grateful Dead, Phish, Dispatch, Dave Matthews, and Jimi Hendrix to name a few Kevin has traveled coast to coast playing his music and sharing the stage with many greats. In 2005 Kevin helped put together the band Liquor Boxx with Patrick and they had some success. Scraping on the tails of success and just scraping by this man has the moan for music and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

PATRICK CREEDON- Patrick, an Oak Park IL boy, has played all over the country. He lived in the "Big Easy" for awhile as a hired gun sharing the stage at times with Bellafleck, West Bank Mike, Warren Haynes, and Buddy Guy to name a few. Patrick has known Kevin for over a decade and after 3 years on the road, some crazy times, and lots of tears he has not stopped playing. Riding the roller coaster of heaven and hell, its what he does, its just in his blood. He has been in and out of so many bands, writing and creating so many things, searching for the right sound... I think he has finally found it.

GREG VASQUESZ- Hailing out of North Riverside IL, Greg our favorite Jewish guitar player ever, has a sound all his own and it is so sweet. Greg and Patrick have known each other for about 12 years. In high school they were each others friendly competition of who was the towns best guitar player and thanks to this wonderful economy Greg got laid off from his job. And, thanks to this wonderful economy we now have Greg... how sweet it is.

SHAUN "Gotti" CALLOWAY- At 24 years of age bringing up the rhythm section of this band we had to bring the soul and here we got the real west side Shaun Calloway. I don't know how growin' up on the streets could teach bass this well but damn! Sean is more of a gentile giant but boy can this guy play bass. Shaun has been immersed deeply in the Chicago Gospel scene. Shaun just won the Chicago Gospel contest at the United Center and is on his way to nationals in The Big Apple. Shaun and Patrick met playing for previous group and decided to take their Musical relationship to the next level.

JEREMY JOHNSON- Oh my god this brother can play. Hailing from the south side of Chicago this boy is like Buddy Miles on steroids. At 25 years old this kid has already played with Bobby Brown, Tamika Scott, Fel Davis, David Hollister, Jessica Reedy, and Keith Jackson. Some of Jeremy's influences include Dennis Chambers, Teddy Campbell, Dave Weckl, Tony Royster, and Rex Hardy. Patrick and Jeremy have known each other for awhile and Jeremy is the best damn drummer he's ever seen. Growing up playing in the churches really shows. Jeremy has played with some pretty accomplished cats. Now its his time.

That's out story... For now [+]
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