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"The Fraidies have made the perfect sleeper album of the summer. Never Love Again (It's Doubtful) has elements of Rock N' Roll, Whammy-ridden guitar fills, synth, dance-inspired breakdowns and is summed up brilliantly by a pure pop chorus. In short, it's [email protected]#cking awesome" - bradleywik.blogspot.com

"Seattle-based indie/alt-rock outfit, The Fraidies, put out a record this summer and if you don't know about it, you should. Upon first listen of the band's debut release, Try Again, I felt like I was whisked away to the late 1990's/early 2000's era of alt-rock. The Fraidies' straight forward pop-rock melodies, retro-inspired guitar riffs, and upfront lead vocal styling will have you feeling ready for an epic cross-country road trip in your Jeep Wrangler (can you picture that?)." - suburbanremix.com

"I like this band. There are all sorts of English flavors here. The Beatles, Radiohead, Oasis. It's great, fun, upbeat, happy stuff. That makes it an oddity here, but for me this is infectious. I'm not a dancer. Not. At. All. But "Never Love Again" has me bouncing in my chair and wanting to go upstairs and with this song blaring dance all about the living room." - northwestmusicscene.com

The Fraidies is a band composed of new friends, old friends, friends of friends, and classmates. Jon and Andrew grew up in Moses Lake, Washington. Jack, Evan, and David grew up in various Midwestern locales. Though miles apart, they have a shared history of sitting in basements going mad for Oasis and the 90s Britpop bands that kept 60s and 70s classic rock alive. They came together in 2013 via Craigslist. Jon formed the band to help his friend Bradley fill a bill at Seattle's Sunset Tavern.

At Seattle's Elektrokitty Studios, the inimitable Gary Reynolds committed their debut LP, Try Again, to tape. Jon's songs and the Fraidies' music seeks the perfect mix of cranked pop melodies, succinct chordal structures (mostly in the key of A and G), and trash-can endings.
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