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The Forty-Eight is the brain child of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Alissa Beyer. After a long two years in a record deal that froze her music career and left her questioning her stylistic choices, Alissa decided to turn her attention back to her pop punk roots in order to regain her enthusiasm and revive her stalled music career.

The Forty-Eight was born during the spring of 2013. After years of writing and recording as a solo pop/rock artist, Alissa Beyer finally decided to create, not a different, but a second road for her music. "There we're feelings that I had and things I wanted to say that wouldn't be said quite right if it was just me saying it. Some music is just meant to be played as a band. Plus, who doesn't like a good rock show?" That's when The Forty-Eight was born.

Bringing together the identity of the Alissa Beyer songs with the passion and drive of the band as a whole packs an even harder punch with those who, like Alissa, are not afraid to admit that themselves and the world around them is not perfect. "Coming from the solo artist side of the world, you can easily take things for granted, like a community. It's easy to feel completely alone and cut off when it's just your words, your thoughts, and your feelings. I'm not only talking about in music." If there is any impact that The Forty-Eight hopes to make with their music it's unity. "People forget that we're all on the same earth breathing the same air. How people choose to live their lives is completely out of our control, the least we can do is help them to sing the same songs."

Current influences include Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Paramore, The Wedding, Weezer and Fall Out Boy. [+]
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