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The Fly Kingdom

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The Fly Kingdom is a South Florida based music group that was conceived in 2005 by Jerry Oviedo, as an outlet for his musical thoughts and self expression. Early in its inception, the musical act was associated with bands such as Marilyn Manson, NIN and even Boyd Rice. However after recording three CD's, Jerry took a different direction towards instrumental music and the Sitar. At that point Jerry was on the verge of doing away with the whole Fly Kingdom project in order to focus on his music as a form of meditation. But that idea would soon die when a close friend of his of well over a decade by the name of Rose Monaco, whose thoughts and suggestions had inspired songs like "Blue Roses" and "Hope (My Thornless Rose)" would give him yet another direction to go in. At that point Jerry started charting the course for his new musical direction, with some advice from a co-worker named Carlos Avila. With all these new inspirations and ideas, Jerry took a melody that he had and wrote the song "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose". It was at this point, that all his thoughts came together and an "electrified" style of music soon developed, after he had hooked up his sitar to a Cry Baby Wah Pedal, which would in turn, become his main instrument. Following the likes of Ravi Shankar, Santana, and Slash, this project would prove to become an experimental and unique form of music. Jerry cites his style of music as "if Santana went to India". Recently, Jerry has begun to add vocals to this new style of music, as a way of refusing to settle into the established norm that is sitar based Indian music, by challenging the perceptions that people have and braving these uncharted sound escapes. He is a musical pioneer, and this is his gift, his music, and his legend... 
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