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“Properly composed instrumental music can elevate the listener, despite the lack of a human voice. Add improvisational forays into angular alleys and loops and you’ve got N.C.’s The Farewell Monument. The combo contorts delayed sounds, guitar licks, strumming, jazzy percussion and effects into a spacey and experimental world.” -Creative Loafing

"To an extent, the "post-" prefix in post-rock serves as a signifier of ambition, or of bands not content to work within the confines of four-piece hook delivery or power-trio bludgeon. That synopsis holds for Goodbye, Titan and The Farewell Monument, kindred instrumental quartets whose ruminative music explores a succession of moods for a dozen minutes on end, with textures from bowed guitar and inlaid samples to keyboard sustains and percussive quakes. Commit to these pieces, and both bands will pay off at least once a set." -IndyWeek

“There’s such a thing as no frills and then there’s these guys, who create epic tunes without saying a word. You can totally get lost in it.” -Creative Loafing

“Their first ‘baby’ is three piece albums where each track has >10 minutes. Ten magical minutes with amazing music combined with spoken words and speeches. Great climate!” -A Fragile Hope

“Shit with a vibe like early DJ Shadow, just with a live band and more noise” -Mikal kHill

“Sometimes you guys sound like if Satriani wasn’t a fuck ass.” -The Dying Detective

“Harm’s Way EP is a fine example of post-rock with some spoken words…” -Post-engineering

“Первая ипи американского пост-рок коллектива The Farewell Monument из Северной Каролины.очень эпичная и красивая 38 минутная ипишка со всякими голосовыми вставками, которые прекрасно ложатся на музыку. рекомендуем!” -http://kickthehorizon.blogspot.com/

"It’s a night of experimental instrumentals as Between the Buried and Me’s Dan Briggs joins Hectagons, Great Architect, and the Farewell Monument on a bill where jazz, metal, jam and math rock canoodle and collide." -Charlotte Observer

"The Farewell Monument are a band based in North Carolina, they started in 2009 and after 2 years they released their first ep titled "Harm's Way", they play a great instrumental post-rock with a few samplers of spoken words, those things work out pretty good with their music. Definitely I'll keep an eye with this band for future releases... Download this and discover 38 minutes of intense, epic music, this is a must have! Highly Recommended." -Music As Heroin

"Let us introduce one of our fav. post-rock bands The Farewell Monument. For all of you who love bands like Explosions In The Sky and Caspian, the North Carolina band The Farewell Monument brings such an amazing atmosphere and feel to the post-rock genre." -Migrate Music News [+]
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