The Fabulous

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The Fabulous
Trans-Sexual Alien Disco Drag!

Greetings, hu-mans!!!

Essi X, the transexual alien queen from planet Me-roar has landed on our dear planet Earth, and is throwing a global warming party with her hu-man friend Nath-an.

In a rather UN-fabulous turn of events, Essi's neme-sister, the evil queen Fáme, has also landed on our planet Earth to thwart her efforts in spreading "The Fabulous" across the gal-axy.

Time Out NY chose "The Fabulous" as a "Critic's Pick"!

Our show, "The Fabulous, A Trans-Formative Xperience" is a live gender blender! Come and experience a Trans-Formative Xperience like no other live music ever experienced by hu-mans. [+]
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