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The Drums

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The Drums are an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York, with members stemming from the short lived band Elkland. The band is currently on the Moshi Moshi/Island (U.K.), Popfrenzy (A.U.) and Downtown (U.S.) labels. Founding members Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham first became friends as children, having met at a summer camp. Soon after their first meeting they formed the electro-pop group Goat Explosion, touring in North America. The two separated for several years and Pierce formed indie rock group Elkland which quickly gained attention and was signed by Columbia Records. Meanwhile, Graham formed Horse Shoes which was signed by Shelflife Records. Eventually, having both grown tired of electronic music, they decided to switch from synthesisers to guitars, and formed The Drums in late 2006 in New York, recruiting drummer Connor Hanwick. [+]
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