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Alex King (Queens, NY) grew up where his parents only allowed him to buy NOW Music CDs. Volumes upon volumes of compilation CDs that were filled with music from all genres. With such a broad selection of music to enjoy, it allowed Alex’s creative fountain to flow. Alex studied the flows of Jay-Z and enjoyed the smooth melodies of Aaliyah all on the same CD, which results in him thinking outside of the box when he creates music. King is an artist of many trades - a singer, rapper, and producer are only a few on the list.
D.Derek (Brooklyn, NY) has a centralized mindset for what sparks his creative interest. Inspired by the work of artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Outkast, Common, Jay-Z and others, his music is concentrated around lyricism. After hearing Lupe Fiasco’s verse on Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky”, he realized he did not have to be a street rapper. He uses his lyrics to tell his story about his life – a kid searching for happiness. After meeting Alex, D.Derek is becoming better at mastering sounds to harmonize perfectly with the lyrics.

D.Derek and Alex made their first song the same day they met at Howard University (Washington, DC) and ever since have been building their chemistry as a duo. Within the first week, they developed a catalog of songs, playing music from their room, making an audience. They began to enter contests (which none they have lost) and are currently crowned Howard University’s hottest artists, or “Howard’s Hottest”.

“Our goal is to make music that lasts forever,” DnA.

The duo balances out perfectly... or the closest to perfect since the belief of such an aspect as perfection doesn’t exist. [+]
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