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The Coronas are back. Their debut LP - 2007's Heroes or Ghosts - achieved platinum sales in Ireland, and spawned massive singles such as "Grace, Don't Wait!", "Heroes or Ghosts" and especially "San Diego Song" which became an anthem in clubs and radio stations all across the country. The Dublin quartet quickly followed its' release with sell-out shows nationwide, two meteor award nominations and a spellbinding set on the main stage at Oxegen. All this along with tours in the U.S., UK and Asia, has enabled the Coronas to establish themselves as one of Irelands' biggest new bands. "We've worked really hard for the last two years but taking a break never really occurred to us", says lead singer Danny O'Reilly. "We wanted to continue to build on what we had going and we knew the only way to do that was to go into the studio and record an album that we felt blew Heroes (or Ghosts) out of the water". "We were quite young when we recorded Heroes or Ghosts", concurs guitarist Dave McPhillips (indeed they had all just turned 21). "And, although we were so proud of it, we really didn't expect it to do as well as it did. The last couple of years on the road, constantly gigging and developing our sound, left us with a better idea of the album we wanted to make" [+]
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