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The Continuums are not a band that formed by chance. In fact, the four-piece rock band from Austin, Texas has been preparing for this moment all of their lives. With the release of their debut EP “Crossing Caswell,” The Continuums plan on spreading their experimental and raw rock and roll to people of all ages.
With a sound rooted in classic rock giants like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, The Continuums have also forged their sound in the ways of modern rock bands like The Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. This combination of influences along with their tight-fitting clothing, long hair, and overall intensity gives audiences a nostalgic feeling of the late 1960s or early 1970s, only in a modern setting. The Continuums truly give everything they have every time they hit the stage and their audience has begun to take notice.
The band that formed in April 2011 is composed of Ries brothers Austin (lead guitar) and Morgan (drums), lead vocalist Barrett Boswell, and bassists Josh Bruner. All four members originate from a small suburban town outside of Fort Worth, Texas, but moved to Austin to chase their dream of making music with southern roots and pop appeal.
Currently unsigned, The Continuums are making everything happen on their own. Over the last year, they have been working hard in the studio while also making a name for themselves in local clubs and venues all over Austin. Not only is the band constantly forming their sound and stage presence, but they are also getting new fans each week and even gaining some attraction as a hot new band to watch in the upcoming months. [+]
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