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The Companies where formed in early 2009 by Chayo in Chino Hills Ca. With members from every corner of the Inland Empire.. Albert, Pierre and Virgil where the members that made the cut to create THE COMPANIES sound. Each member brings with them a collection of influences from their diverse cultural backgrounds to the amalgam that is the Southern California lifestyle.
In September of 2009 the guys stepped into the Studio with Paul McKenna & Fernie Ayon to record what is now their Debut EP “Keep me in Mind”, released January 2010 it has sold well on all the Downloadable sites especially on iTunes where they have received great reviews on their first release.
With their 2010 released of their Debut Full Length Album "Keep Me In Mind" on "Rat Bastar Music". They have changed the L.A. INDIE sound.. They consider themselves Hard Rockers with a rockabilly edge who color music with their Latin roots. "We are punks who listen to Morrissey, we are rockers who can jazz out with the best of them & we are every bit of Southern California" is what they say.. Listen for yourself and enjoy the ride... [+]
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