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The clap is the Lehigh valleys oldest and longest running punk band. They formed in the fall of 1978 in the attic of Johnny's house where he lived. They were very young when they started Johnny was the oldest member of the band at 18, Mike and Robbie were 15 years old. At times they would have to have a parent's permission slip to play at hotels and bars. Punk rock music was just starting to move into the Lehigh Valley and the clap were pioneers of this movement Being inspired by the New York and British punk scene the clap created their own unique sound. The band started recording their own material in the early 80s and release a few singles and EP's, and can also be found on an abundance of compilation albums and bootlegs. Johnny is the only original member remaining in the band these days. He has formed a solid lineup with Mike Dipollo on drums and art Zawdany on guitar. They are currently playing shows on the North East US. And one year they do a small tour with the vintage punk band the pork Dukes. The band is also in the process of writing material for new album hopefully to be released in the later part of this year or early next year. The clap will also be releasing a few earlier unreleased songs on 45s and are planning a split single with the pork Dukes in the upcoming year. Johnny also wants to remix their last CD if looks could kill in England and have it released on an LP in the near future. The punk band the clap can also be found on Dionysus records. You can still purchase the EP CD is no laughing matter on Dionysus records on their site www.Dionysus.com. You can also purchase other clap CDs T-shirts and other merchandise at www.shut up store.com check it out and support the band the clap, so we can get back into the studio and record some more vintage punk rock for you. Also keep checking our gigs page to see if the clap is coming to a town near you. There show packs a hell of a punch with the vintage 70s style punk rock sound. They are also available and willing to play any show so if you want them to come to your town contact us and we'll see if we could set up a date. We would love to infect you with a dose of vintage punk rock music. So we hope to see at a show down the road Remember the clap ain't nothing to the catch

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