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I am currently a recording artist on The GlobalrecordingArtist Record label.As I recorded the lp "Tyrants in The House" with 60's frontman Sky Saxon from The Seeds.Once the lp was released Sky had just passed away.Since that time Ive performed at many many events even replaceing Mobey Grape's as Guitarist for members of Ken Keasy's "MerryPranksters"under the name The Normal Bean Band who also is a signed band with The GRA record label performing with Greatfulldeads Keyboardest Tom Constanton.I have performed with 70's Tribal,Physc band Yahowa 13 now called by SmashingPumpkins fame Billy Corgan(who also worked with Sky&Djin; before Skys passing)To Yahowa 33 wich Im a regular member in performances.Im currently playing in a 3 piece Harder rock band called "The Children of Sunlight"I have allways been fronting these hard rock bands and have been performing with this band for the past two years.Yahowa 33 was recently invited to this years Berlin(Germany)Pyhsc Fest but unfortunately had to pass due to traveling issues...I am currerntly one of many artists that have recorded tracks for the upcoming GRA release SkySaxon tribute lp wich will be the biggest tribute lp ever released being released in volumes.Artists like The StrawberryAlarmclock,The Electricprunes,Iggy Pop,The Bangales,The New York Dolls,Question mark & The Mysterians,The Tubes,Mudhoney ....and so many more famous artists contributeing to the lp.Sky and I recorded the lp "Tyrants in the house'' in wich I wrote and performed,studio engineered,co/produced the songs.The lp has been reviewed in many european physc publications ..Time Mazine,Phyascedellic Baby,Bomp records,plus many other world wide tracks have also been played on many internet radio stations and is available on just about every download and record store.I am currently seeking a manager/Booking agency in order to promote upcoming lps and tours.I have a large fan base and am working on releaseing new lps and singles.I am currently to perform with Yahowa 33 at this years Oregon Ganga fest June 6th 2014 and also with Children of Sunlight that i have been working with a local mangement company for more west coast tours. [+]
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