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The Antics

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Post-punk/garage/indie rock.

Making up the band are Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums). Original members Luke and Josh started the band in 2009 under the name Swimming With Piranhas but later changed it to The Antics to reflect the band’s energetic and boisterous personalities. Kyle and Derek both joined the group within the last year. Since each member has been practicing their instrument from an early age, it comes as no surprise that their music is so solid. With a little inspiration from 60’s rock, the group cooks up a tasty dish of head-knocking beats with fuzzy guitar riffs, propulsive drums and infectious hooks.

A deep-rooted love for post-punk music is what truly connects the band members. They’re influenced by rock mainstays such as: Joy Division (whom they are often compared to), The Smiths, The Doors and The Who among many others. Surf rock even creeps its way into some of their songs like the racy album cut “Dancing”. Although skilled on the guitar, front man Luke takes the lead when it comes to songwriting for the group. Influenced by the famed lyrical genius of The Beatles, he’s developed a knack for conversational lyrics and sing-along melodies. “I think I’m a very honest songwriter,” Luke said, “I don’t write music that sounds exactly like something else or things that don’t matter to me.” Most of the album’s topics focus on love, pain and happiness.

http://www.reverbnation.com/theanticsnj [+]
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