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The Abyss- The primal chaos before creation.

The Abyss in band form started in early 2007 when singer/guitarist Sean Ozz and bassist Ronnie Kopal connected. Sean spent most of his adult life in California creating his own
tattoo and custom art business titled The Abyss, it seemed only natural to continue the brand into the art of music as well. You can view some of Sean's tattoo and paint work at http://seanozz.com. Sean returned to Houston, TX around 2003, where he randomly
met up with Ronnie. Soon after connecting the music now known as The Abyss was created. Sean had been working on his art under the name
influences including such bands as Jane’s Addiction, The Cure, Joy Division, Radiohead and many more were a common ground in the project. The musical connection was instantaneous. The creation of a sound and style that is unique and far from mainstream was to follow. The music that has been created by The Abyss is one that is heavily influenced by art. They strive to capture the emotion and feeling that most of today’s music
has left behind.

Paul Cannon joined the band in 2010. He had recently returned to the music scene after a long
hiatus. His last band of note prior to The Abyss, was an Austin-based band called
Skellington which included the front man for Spoon, Britt Daniel. With drumming/musical
influences such as The Cure, The Pixies, The Police, and Jane’s Addiction turned out to be
an instant match.

in 2013 the line up was to change again. Due to a new baby and other family issues Ronnie and Paul had to say their goodbyes. This opened the door for Brent Lee on bass guitar, Breye Kiser to take the roll of Keys, and Chad Pleasent on drums. Creating a new live experience like the band has never had before.

Sean’s unique voice and deep lyrics touch a familiar sadness everyone that has endured at some point in their lives while grasping onto hope and chance for a better future. Chad unique drum style as well as Brents high skill level on the bass now Doused with live ambient keys and piano capture the mood in each song in a live environment.

The Abyss stands out on their own upon a sea of imitators in a new world of alternative music.

The Abyss plays regularly in live music venues in Houston, Texas, Austin, Texas and
San Antonio, Texas. In addition to local venues and clubs, the Abyss is also available for
booking for music festivals, private concerts and parties.

You can also join us at...
Myspace.com/TheAbyss [+]
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