TG or Tg might stand for:

Arts and entertainment



Other media

Businesses and organizations



Science, technology, and mathematics

Biology and medicine

  • Thapsigargin, a sesquiterpene lactone and tumour promoter
  • Thyroglobulin, a protein
  • Transgenic, referring to genetic material that has been transferred from one organism to another
  • Triglyceride, the main constituents of body fat in humans and animals


  • .tg, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Togo
  • Terragen, a scenery rendering software
  • Turbo Gears, a Python web application framework
  • TriGem Computer, the first native ROK computer company



  • Messerschmitt TG500, a four-wheeled car designed by German engineer Fritz Fend based on his three-wheeled Messerschmitt KR200 microcar
  • Tank Grote (sometimes misspelt "Grotte"), an experimental multi-turreted Soviet medium tank
  • Tiangong, a Chinese space station

Other uses in science and technology

Other uses

  • Tajik language (ISO 639-1 code "tg")
  • Target group, additionally target audience, in marketing, the primary group of people that a campaign is aimed at
  • Task group or task force, a group of specialists created to solve a few problem
  • Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada
  • Transgender, a term given to individuals that deviate from the normative gender role