A testament is a document that the author has sworn to be true.

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  • Testament (film), a 1983 film about the aftermath of a nuclear war on a family
  • Testament, a 1988 television series based on John Romer's book and produced by Antelope/Channel Four


  • Le Testament (also, Le Grand Testament), a collection of poems by mediaeval French author François Villon
  • New Testament, the smaller, final section of the holy scriptures of Christianity including the Gospels, epistles of Paul, and additional writings
  • Old Testament, the large, first section of the holy scriptures of Christianity, incorporating the Jewish Scriptures (the Tanakh)
  • The Testament, a novel by John Grisham
  • The Testament (Van Lustbader novel), a novel by Eric Van Lustbader
  • Testament, a novel by David Morrell
  • Testament: the Bible and History, a book by John Romer


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