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Through a long and arduous process, Terry realized that the scars on the inside had become far more disfiguring than the scars on the outside ever were. Today, at the age of 40, nineteen years after becoming disfigured, Terry is a professional speaker, author, businessman, board member of The Wellness Community, and honorary board member of The Cancer League, Inc. A partner in a sales and product strategy consulting firm, Terry has also been a VP of Marketing for two high technology companies that both went public. His popular program, At Face Value: My Struggle With A Disfiguring Cancer, is presented to companies and groups nationwide, and he has authored a book with the same title. He has also been published in Guideposts, Psychology Today, The San Francisco Chronicle and Coping Magazine. Terry has recently appeared on KGO/Channel 7 with Cheryl Jennings, the Total Living TV Network with Jerry Rose, KTVU/Fox 2 with Ross McGowan, and has been interviewed on more than 30 radio stations across the U.S. Terry captivates and educates audiences on how to identify and overcome challenges, embrace change, build trust, and learn the value of tolerance and acceptance. He views the lessons he learned in life as gifts, and believes his greatest reward is being able to teach others how to overcome adversity and celebrate life. [+]
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