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Terri Schneider

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One of the most diverse and accomplished extreme ultra-endurance athletes, Terri Schneider translates her athletic experiences into an epic adventure that will enthral audiences while inspiring your entire company to blow up past perceived limitations and deliver breakthrough performances. Terri uses her experiences as an inspiring keynote speaker on teamwork, adventure, and motivation. Terri’s competitive record in multi-sport and endurance events spans over 65 countries and is as impressive as it is endless. Here are a few of the highlights: In the first stage of her athletic career, Terri achieved the ultra-elite status of second ranked woman in the international field of Ironman Triathlon competitors. She completed an unbelievable 22 Ironman Triathlons, which, among additional outstanding finishes, included three top 5 finishes at the sport’s most prestigious event, the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships. In 1995, Terri put her years of physical and mental conditioning and her expert motivational and team-building skills to the ultimate test in the extreme sport of adventure racing. A multi-sport and often multi-day endurance event, adventure racing blends a variety of sports such as kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, mountaineering, canoeing, and rafting. The events chosen are dependent upon the venue. Non-stop wilderness navigation, lack of sleep, and constant physical and mental strain requires tremendous team strategy; teams must finish the race together. Terri has competed in seven Eco-Challenge Expedition competitions, the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in China, the ESPN X-Games Adventure Race, and the Raid Gauloises in Tibet and Nepal. She has additionally raced La Ruta de Los Conquistadores a multi-day mountain bike race across Costa Rica as well as a large number of 50 to 100-mile endurance runs and several seven-day running stage races in Costa Rica, the Gobi Desert in China and the Sahara Desert in Egypt. She has climbed peaks on four continents, while sharing the fruits of these experiences with others. In her various athletic endeavours as a world class triathlete, elite adventure racer, and ultra runner, Terri regularly engages in physical, psychological, and emotional challenges that most people can only imagine. She thrives in the extremes of deserts, jungles, and mountains and finds comfort in the uncomfortable life lessons those landscapes offer. Terri has persevered through challenging team dynamics and hardship on all levels. She offers her insight gained from these experiences, as well as her expertise achieved through her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and her M.A. in Sports Psychology, with an emphasis on team dynamics and risk taking, to help others push through and past pre-constructed finish lines. [+]
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