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Dr. Terrence E. Deal is an American professor, writer,  and speaker. He had written several best-selling leadership books in the 1980s and 1990s.[0]



Terence is an award-winning professor and has been employed by StanfordHarvardVanderbilt, and was most notably a Irving R. Melbo Professor of Education at the Rossier School at the University of Southern California​.[0]​ He has co-authored 40 books, among them are Corporate Cultures with Allan Kennedy, Reframing Organizations, Leading With Soul and How Great Leaders Think with Lee Bolman, Managing the Hidden Organization with Wm Jenkins and Corporate /Celebrations with MK Key, Shaping School Culture with Kent Peterson.[3]​ Collectively, his books have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Several multinational corporations have contacted Terence for his expertise including IBM​, Hyatt Hotel​, Target (store)​, Swiss Army, Air War College, Hospital Corporation of America, American Medical International and Kaiser Permanente.[6]​ His consulting has covered a variety of fields such as  business, health care, military, educational, and religious organizations.[6]​             


Terence is retired, it spends his time living on the California​ coast where he authors books and makes wine.[6]


Notable Quotes

“First, a school with a strong, shared sense of mission is more likely to initiate improvement efforts. Second, norms of collegiality are related to collaborative planning and effective decision making. Third, cultures with a strong dedication to improvement are more likely to implement complex new instructional strategies. Finally, schools improve best when small successes are recognized and celebrated through shared ceremonies commemorating both individual and group contributions (Louis, 1994; Fullan, 1998; Abplanalp, 2008).”
― Terrence E. Deal, Shaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises[7]


“Culture affects all aspects of a school. It influences informal conversations in the faculty lunch room, the type of instruction valued, how professional development is viewed, and the shared commitment to assuring all students learn. Several examples illustrate its pervasiveness.” 
― Terrence E. Deal, Shaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises[7]


“Children, in fact, spend more than fourteen thousand hours inside a school building over twelve years of schooling.”
― Terrence E. Deal, Shaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises[7]


“Company leaders know that success flourishes only when people are committed, believe in the organization, and take pride in their work.”
― Terrence E. Deal, Shaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises[7]


“To paraphrase a quote from Fog and associates (2005): if a school does not stand for something more profound than raising achievement levels, then it probably does not make a memorable difference to teachers, students, or parents.”
― Terrence E. Deal, Shaping School Culture: Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises[7]




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