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My name is Javon Wilson i own a company called TeenyBoppazEntLLC we specialize in a brand of music called inspra soul .Our company focuses on the minds of the youth and we make music that will uplift educate and inspire them to be themselves and achieve greatness. The main artist on the label right now is YungLadyDaGreat a 10 year old female rapper from paterson nj. Lady has been rapping for 3 yrs and has done a lot of shows all over the couintry from nj to phi to va and is booked to go to many more states all the while laying the ground work for this ever so important movement of ours.We intend to ensure a better tomorrow to counteract these dark days buy empowering the youth with love a positive mind state a knowledge of self and in God and the confidence to do what is needed. Our motto is...We are involved to evolve through the evolution and take back the souls that ignorance stole. [+]
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