TechRax is a YouTube channel, created by Taras Maksimuk.. The channel mainly features the destruction of phones and technology. As of 31 october 2016, the channel has over 5 million subscribers and over 1 billion total views.


Maksimuk began the TechRax channel as a standard tech blog but switched over tech destruction videos in 2012 after discovering a demand for them. His early videos were a loss, but as his subscriber base grew, he began to make a profit. Maksimuk uses the advertising revenue to finance his college studies. The first destruction he did is "iPhone 5 Hammer Smash Drop Test -Episode #1-". The destruction of Apple products are the most popular on the channel.

Noteworthy Videos

Maksimuk has crushed an iPhone 5S under a train, boiled an iPhone 6 in Coca Cola, performed a head-to-head comparison between an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 to see which survives longer when boiled in water, and destroyed an Apple Watch Edition with neodymium magnets. The watch cost $10,000, which he raised through advertising in additional videos. The video drew over six million views by February 2016. He subsequently melted crayons and dipped an iPhone 6s into them which then resulted in a fire. The business released a popular and controversial video in September 2016 which instructed users on the procedure for modifying the iPhone 7 to supposedly either obtain access to a hidden headphone jack, or to create a headphone jack, which involves essentially drilling a hole into the smartphone. It has been widely reported, incl. from actual instances of misled viewers performing this procedure, that this modification is ineffective, and moreover destroys the smartphone; the intentions are unclear, for neither the video was for real or just for humour.(description, etc.) on the YouTube webpage state any warning of the video being intended for humor; moreover, the former actually demonstrates the smartphone supposedly playing audio via the newly-created ''headphone jack''. He additionally tried to purposely cause a Samsung note 7 to blow up by charging it in a quite hot oven, but the phone didn't explode. Among his most popular videos are Taking a Bath in a Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool(45 million+ views,What Happens If You Taser an iPhone 6 Plus?(30 million+views),Don't Drop Your iPhone 6S in Hot Lava!(29+million views),How To Properly Grind an iPhone 6(26 million+views),Don't Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola!(23 million+ views)and What Happens If You Shoot an iPhone 6?(21+ million views.

Drop Tests

The channel additionally does 100 foot drop tests of the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and all of the additional phones. His quite first 100 foot homemade cases drop test is the "Can Play Doh Protect an iPhone 6S from 100FT Drop Test?"