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Tanya was born Feb. 15th in Lorain, Ohio (a small suburb of Cleveland). As a child, she took root to many different styles of music. In her early years, she enjoyed listening to her parent's records (such artists as Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Jim Croce, 60's doo-wop, and various classical artists). Having a strong admiration for music, Tanya wanted nothing more than to pursue the art of singing and songwriting.

By her early teens, she began playing guitar and writing her own songs that reflected her and the world around her. Over the years, Tanya has accomplished what she set out to do... to be a singer/ songwriter/ entertainer. Her songs speak of life's ups and downs, happiness and heartaches, and experiences in general. Today, Tanya continues to perform and share her gift of writing with others.

“For everyone and everything in life, there's a song..." and she's here to sing it.

The Band:
Tanya Kos - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Vince Martin - Drums, Percussion & Backup Vocals

Glenn Armstrong - Electric Bass Guitar

Tony Rule - Electric Lead Guitar

Shelley DeJoy - Percussion & Backup Vocals

All songs ©Tanya Kos - All Rights Reserved – ASCAP aynat sok
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