TakePart is the digital division of Participant Media, a motion picture studio that focuses on issues of social justice. TakePart was founded in 2008 to promote Participant Media's films as well as make viewers aware of the social advocacy efforts of Participant's outreach partners.

About the site

TakePart produces a Web site with a daily cycle of original articles, blogs, and videos on the culture and lifestyle of change. Topics of coverage include animals, arts, food, education, the environment, green tech, politics, culture, health and innovation. The site additionally provides ways for users to take action on the issues they read about. TakePart additionally offers services including custom content creation and campaign building to NGOs and brands looking to create social impact.

One of TakePart's first media campaigns to win public notice was its activism about the 2008 semi-documentary film, Chicago 10.

In 2009, TakePart released GiveABit, an iPhone application which solicits charitable donations for Participant Media's nonprofit advocacy partners from iPhone users once a day. In 2011, advertising executive Chad Boettcher was hired by Participant Media to oversee an expanded social action outreach via the TakePart Web site.

The TakePart.com Web site was a major aspect of the marketing campaign for the 2011 motion picture Contagion. By year's end, more than 2 million people had visited the TakePart Contagion page.

TakePart Live

On August 1, 2013 Pivot TV aired the first episode of TakePart Live a live show hosted by Cara Santa Maria and Jacob Soboroff that covered news, social media, current events and is a component to the website.

In January 2014, popular comedian personality Tehran Von Ghasri was added to the permanent live show roster as host adding colour commentary, academic and worldly perspective. In April 2014, Cara Santa Maria was replaced on the show by Meghan McCain and the show moved to a new set. On December 9, 2014 it was announced that Pivot had cancelled the show due to high production costs.

TakePart Live was additionally streamed live on the website www.takepart.com/live.