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Born in Harlem, raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn, i2mbs (pronounced iToombs) is one artist who understands how to make music you can dance to. His style of rap is new for Brooklyn especially in East Flatbush. Since gangster music is the norm in his neighborhood, i2mbs decided after following the crowd in the beginning of his music career, to just make the music that comes to him and not to trap himself into one type of hip hop genre.

What was created, was rejected by many of the so-called "True NY HipHop heads", but i2mbs never stopped making music the way he felt he was mean to. In time he developed his type of music called James Bond music a type of smooth, eclectic sound that made people feel like they were rappers too! They same way you feel after watching a 007 movie...like you might make a good spy too!

Its this same skill that lead 2mbs to the creation of LSD Music. After a couple of years the times are changing for i2mbs, as he says, "I aint change for the times, time's changing for me...." because the same music that evetyine called "South Music" is the norm now, with artist like French Montana & Bobby Shmurder leading the party music revolution in NYC, the other artist are just falling in line like dominos trying to get a piece of the club music scene but none are like i2mbs, not by a long shot.

The way he decribes the events that have shaped his life, takes you by the hand, passing the drug dealers two buildings away from a church and leads you from the backyards and street corners of brooklyn to the stages of smokey clubs in New York City. All the while keeping the lyrical content bar out of reach for most New York Mc's. So if you're looking for high quality hip hop, look no further. LSD Music is an acronym for Lyrics Substance and Delivery because that's what we all expect, better yet that's what we all deserve from someone when they call themselves an artist...you be the judge.

http://www.sonicbids.com/band/itoombs [+]
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