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Stillwood Sages is a multi genre band that brings years of experience in music and weaves it into a unique tapestry of sound. Imagine twisting Eric Clapton, Santana, Jethro Tull and Led Zepplin together with James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills Nash and Young??!!! You create a fusion of tones,ideas and vibes to get the incredible sound of "Stillwood Sages".

Curtis Hildebrand- Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Vocals. Aka “The Flyin Cowboy” Curtis is a singer/songwriter, performer and multi instrumentalist. He has been writing and performing all of his life and is the Founder and Owner of the Stillwood Sages.
Curtis' influences have been from all the greats in classical, progressive, blues and rock. His own influence has also reached far and wide, including having worked with a variety of artists such as: Arni Stanton (Composer), Chuck Hulsey (Master Guitarist), Jack King (Bass Ackwards), Lisa Haley (Zydeco), Alan Hirano (Samurai Homeboys), Alan Kisaka (Composer), Randy Green and the Desert Breeze, Jordan Ballou-Drummer and Rob Winter-Bass (Art of Life Band), Nelson Duviella (Percussionist) to name a few. It is his creative force and vision that has created the unique and incredible sound of Stillwood Sages.

Chris Matthews-Guitar/Acoustic/Vocals. Born and raised in the suburbs of Sacramento he started playing guitar at the age of 15. By his early 20's he was playing guitar, singing and songwriting with a group known as Arrested In Mayberry. They released a self produced album in November 2010 called "Some Folks". In 2012 He was asked to host a new open mic at the Owl Club in Roseville which led him to meeting Braden Scott, among the talented pool of folks crossing paths. In 2013 he started playing and gathering new members to the group which came to be known as The Braden Scott Band and now takes up a new path with the Flyin Cowboy and the Stillwood Sages. To record this winter and Tour in 2015.

KM Lowry- Bass/Vocals. KM's life is music as a Berklee graduate and audio engineer, but its the bass that is her true love. She brings an awesome hold on low tone that gives the whole stage a new vibe and grace. The passion and joy come through loud and clear when you see and hear her play.

Steve Marsh- Drums/Percussion. Also a veteran musician with an ever ready passion to play, Steve always rocks the house! This man is in the pocket and holding it down with groove and soul! With years on the skins playing and performing it is Steves expert skill, great energy and positive attitude keep everything grooving.

Mary Chrisman-Backing VOX and harmonies. Currently in her mentorship with the arts in audio production with Suny Dragon Studios and coached by Curtis Hildebrand. She is currently studying for frontwoman performance's as well. Her voice is extreamly projective and full of soul.

Past Artist who have worked with the Stillwood Sages since 2010:

John Morris -of Code Red and Tanglewood Studios. John started performing with Stillwood Sages bringing the SWS band to the next chapter with Curtis introduced KM and Steve to the mix. Produced the EP Wild Poet Eyes, He also mentored Curtis in the recording arts and performed for three years with the band before moving onto other projects. John still makes special appearances.

Andrew Conn-Bass was a berklee grad who was on the first album the cut in Me and started to perform some shows before joining and building the band Massive Delicious.

Tony Ledesma-Drummer-tour show work and local gigs.

Scott Garret-Drummer on the Cut in Me.

Caryl Harrison-Backing Vocals

Jessica Osterday-Backing Vocals

Zsue Olson-Bassist who performed for a year with the band [+]
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