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Steven D'Souza is a Canadian​ journalist​ best known for his work with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)​. He is currently a Video Journalist for CBC based out of New York City​. [3]​ [4]​ [2]

Early Life & Education

Steven D'Souza was born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario a town in the Greater Toronto Area.​ He graduated from Ryerson University​ in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts​ in Journalism​ in 2000. In an interview with Ryerson Student Life, D'Souza talked about how he once worked three jobs while studying at Ryerson. "I worked at the Canadian Press​ wire services on weekends. I volunteered at a radio show​ as well, it was a pro-wrestling​ radio show that ran Sunday nights from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. And I was with a hockey​ news magazine as the copy editor​, but that was only for three weeks." [4]​ [2]​ [3]


Youtube Video
Steven D'Souza on CBC News Toronto at 5: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Steven D'Souza worked for the Canadian Press as a Reporter-Editor from June 1997 to September 2000. In the summer of 2000 after graduating D'Souza covered the 2000 Summer Olympics​ in Sydney, Australia​ from Toronto. In September 2000 he left the job to move into broadcasting​. [2]​ [4]


D'Souza began his career with CBC in October 2000 as an Associate Producer for CBC Newsworld​ Morning. In this role, he helped produce coverage of a variety of stories including 9/11​, the 2004 Canadian Federal Election, the Invasion of Afghanistan​ and the Iraq War[3]​ [2]


From 2005-2006, D'Souza worked as a Video Journalist​ in Prince Edward Island​. He worked as a one-man bureau covering the West Prince​ region of Prince Edward Island. D'Souza was responsible for generating, shooting and editing all my own stories. He filed mainly TV stories for CBC News: Compass (PEI)​, but also provided reports for CBC News Network​ and CBC News: The National[2]​ [3]​ [4]


From 2007-2014, Steven D'Souza worked as a Reporter​ for CBC News​: Toronto covering stories in the Greater Toronto Area.​ He filed for local TV, radio and the web. He also provided hits and reports for CBC News Network and The National. He covered a variety of issues including Municipal and Provincial politics, Transportation and Urban issues, Court, Business, Sports. D'Souza did his own camera work for most of his stories and edited his own radio pieces. Steven D'Souza covered major Toronto events including the  G20 protests in Toronto​ and the Rob Ford crack video scandal​. [2]​ [3]​ [4]


D'Souza was nominated for a Gemini Award​ for breaking news as part of the team covering the death of Toronto Police​ officer Ryan Russell. He was also recognized for his undercover investigation which exposed the easy availability of drugs in Toronto's South Asian​ community. [3]


In a 2012 interview with Ryerson Student Life, Steven D'Souza talked about his three best stories. [4]

Among many, two main highlights: in terms of live reporting, like being on the scene, I covered the Shafia trials earlier this year and I was proud of how that turned out. [4]


In terms of ongoing stories, I did the Tori Stafford murder​ trial this year. It was such a sensitive topic and trying to weave together all the emotional elements to tell a story that conveyed the horror of what had happened, but still inform viewers about the story, that was one of the most challenging, and ultimately, most rewarding stories of my career.


Youtube Video
CBC News: Steven D'Souza recaps a tense day on the streets of Baltimore. 

Oh, I also did a series of stories on a drug in a Punjabi​ community in Mississauga​ and Brampton​ called dode. It’s made of dried poppy​​ flowers, so it’s an opium​ derivative. It started off as a relaxant​ but people became hooked, it ruined a lot of families. Health Canada​ didn’t really understand what it was at the time. After our stories, they started changing their guidelines. We interviewed users, followed police on raids, and I actually went undercover to a store to buy some at one point.

Since December 2014 D'Souza has been CBC's correspondent​ based in New York City​. As a Video Journalist, he is a one-person operation, doing his own camera work and editing for stories that appear on TV, radio and online. He also reports on stories throughout the United States​. In 2015, he covered the Baltimore Riots​ from the streets of Baltimore​​. In 2017 he covered Hurricane Harvey​ live from Houston​. [2]​ [3]​ [13]​ [19]


Steven D'Souza has reported internationally for CBC from the Papal Conclave​ that elected Pope Francis​ and the 2014 FIFA World Cup​ in Brazil​. In addition to his coverage for CNN, D'Souza has appeared on CNN​, BBC​, NBC​, and even Radio New Zealand​. [3]


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