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Steve Vogel is an author and veteran journalist who reported for The Washington Post for more than two decades and who writes frequently about military history and defense issues. His most recent book, Through the Perilous Fight, about the burning of Washington, the battle for Baltimore and the dramatic chain of events that led to the writing of our national anthem two hundred years ago, is being released in paperback by Random House in 2014, as the nation marks the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner. “Through The Perilous Fight is probably the best piece of military history that I have read or reviewed in the past five years. . . . ,” Gary Anderson wrote in The Washington Times. “No one who hears the national anthem at a ballgame will ever think of it the same way after reading this book, nor want the national anthem changed.” Joyce Appleby, in a review for The Washington Post, called the book “a fine study. . . . Steve Vogel does a superb job.” [+]
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