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Steve Brozak is the Managing Partner and President of WBB Securities, LLC, an investment bank and financial analytical firm that specialize in research on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device technology & companies. WBB has participated in raising $1 billion for development-stage companies over the last decade. The Wall Street Journal named Mr. Brozak “Best on the Street” as a Medical Equipment and Supplies financial analyst in its 19th Annual Best on the Street Survey. Over the past several years he has been ranked among top analysts in the biotechnology, healthcare equipment, & pharmaceuticals industries by Thomson Reuters and the StarMine System. Mr. Brozak is frequently quoted by all major news organizations and has been an invited speaker at numerous industry gatherings. He also is Chairman and CEO of StormBio, Inc., a biotechnology startup company focusing on amelioration of hypercytokinemia, especially in response to highly pathogenic influenza. Mr. Brozak is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and now serves on the Secretary of Navy’s Navy and Marine Corps Retiree Council, where he focuses on healthcare, benefits, and other retiree issues. Mr. Brozak holds a BA and MBA from Columbia University. Published Articles by Steve Brozak include: Seeking Innovation: Incentive Funding for Biodefense Biotechs Biosecurity and Bioterrorism in Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science; Caution – FDA Could Be, Hazardous to our Health, in Food and Drug Law Institute Journal; Long Shadow of the Stem-Cell Ruling: The Bankers, in Nature Fighting Epidemics With Venture Capital: Bloomberg Government. Commentaries by Steve Brozak include: Winners and Losers of the Greek Financial Crisis- From French Winemakers to U.S Pharmaceutical Companies, Who Stands to Gain and Lose From the Greek Financial Crisis and the European Bailout, ABC News; Attack of the Zombie Biotechs, Forbes; Back to the Basics of Biotech, Forbes, Four Standard Bearers for Stem Cell Therapies, Forbes; Fukushima and Nuclear Power: Playing with Fire, special to ABC News; Fukushima Joins Titanic, Katrina as an Iconic Word for Disaster ABC News;, Why Your Health Care Is In Jeopardy, ABC News. [+]
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