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Steve Farrer is an American Ministry Leader and Best-Selling Author who is the founder and chairman of Men’s Leadership Ministries.[0]​ He is based in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas​.[5]



Leaning against a fence

Steve attended California State University, Fullerton​ and majored in Speech Communication​.[4]​ He would earn a Master's degree from Western Seminary​ in Portland, Oregon​ and a Doctorate for the Dallas Theological Seminary​.[6]​  In writing his doctoral dissertation, Steve surveyed over 1,000 men from across the nation, and questioned them about their marriages, their children, their careers, and their ethics.[0]​ Steve’s original research into the needs of Christian men became the foundation for his conferences and his books.[3]



Prior to his writing acclaim, Steve was a pastor for 15 years.[6]​ In 1990, Steve published the book Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family which became a huge success with over 400,000 copies now in print.[0]​ Since then, Steve has been invited to speak around the world and authored 15 other books including King Me, What Every Son Wants, How To Ruin Your Life By Forty, and more.[6]​ In the mid-1990, Steve founded Men's Leadership Ministries. From MLM headquarters in Dallas, Steve hosts a weekly Men's Bible Study the is attended by hundreds of male attended.[7]​ Along with his bible studies, he hosts a weekly podcast talking about men, commitment, faith, and God.[8]


Personal Life

Steve’s wife, Mary, holds her Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and has published the best-selling book, Choices: For Women Who Long to Discover Life’s Best.[0]​ They have three grown children and currently reside in suburban Dallas in Frisco, Texas​.[6]


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