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Steve D'Angelo is a indie folk/rock singer/songwriter that is both soulful and true. Steve recorded his first full-length band album "Dangerous Words" and was released May 2013 at the Hard Rock Cafe, Detroit with such class acts as SGSW Mike Galbraith and Poor Player/Matt Fredrekicks. Prior to this, he recorded an EP "Days Gone By" with five of those 12 new hits earlier that year. Playing the underground music scenes of Detroit, Lexington, Houston, Orlando and Richmond, Steve recorded four other projects reflecting sounds of an indie folk rock tradition. One minute remnants of Dylan on harp echo on a solo ballad, with the next echoing sounds of early Atlanta 90s rock. Steve is more like Jeff Buckley on the guitar and the vocal stylings of Elvis Costello.

Steve D'Angelo broke onto the Detroit music scene in 2005. Since then he has both hosted open mics, opened or shared bills with other indie acts such as Sista Otis, Audra Kubat, Michelle Held, Tone and Niche, Kent Koller, Woven Tangles, Deekah Wyatt and RCS, Elanora, and the Gardener and the Wildflowers just to name a few. Venues include PJ's Lager House, the Hard Rock Detroit, the Berkley Front, the Plymouth Roc, etc. He is continuing to book into the 2014 year and is available for solo, duo, and band shows as desired. He is also available to do house concerts and accommodate as an opening act or solid line-up on any bill.

Steve is planning a 2014 summer tour hitting the cities of Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Lexington, Nashville and Willmington, DE.

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[email protected]
www.stevedangelomusic.com [+]
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