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First things first. Stavo Daniels was born Daniel Staversky on Nov 13, 1976 in Honolulu, HI. When Dan enrolled at SUNY Fredonia in the fall of 1996 he was quickly given the nickname "Stavo" by his close friends. He claims very few coiuld pronouce his last name correctly (STA - VER - SKEE) so the nickname stuck. Hence, the Stavo Daniels musical journey begins...

The Stavo Daniels Group can be found in various forms and venues from Buffalo to NYC. It's a collaboration with Dan's long time mucisian friends and partners. Whether you catch a solo acoustic performance or a full band rock concert, or anything in between, Stavo Daniels will deliver a professional and entertaining musical experience. Check out the "LISTEN" page for some samples.

Dan can be found performing with any and/or all of the following musicians:

Kyle Donovan - guitars | vocals (www.mileswide.com)
Brandon Pafk - sax | guitars | vocals | percussion
Ian Mutch - keys | vocals
Rob Masterman - drums & percussion

Dan credits his unique guitar and musical composition style to the likes of the Pat Metheny Group, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dave Matthews Band, Steve Vai and John Petrucci, just to name a few. He also can be seen around town performing with the jam/rock band Wrong Tree with fellow Stavo Daniels Group member Rob Masterman. So no matter the venue or the band, he hopes to see you soon at a venue near you.
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