Staub is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Chelsea Staub (born 1988), American actress and singer, now credited as Chelsea Kane
  • Ervin Staub, Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts
  • France Staub (1920–2005), ornithologist, herpetologist, botanist, and conservationist from Mauritius
  • Jacob Staub, rabbi, author and poet
  • John F. Staub (1892–1981), residential architect in Houston, Texas, from the 1920s to 1960s
  • Jonny Staub (born 1979), Canadian radio and television personality
  • Ralph Staub (1899–1969), movie director, writer and producer
  • Ralph Staub (football coach), former head coach of the Cincinnati college football program
  • Randy Staub, Canadian recording engineer
  • Roger Staub (1936–1974), Swiss alpine skier
  • Rusty Staub (born 1944), retired Major League Baseball player
  • Victor Staub (1872-1953), French pianist and composer

Staub (cookware) is additionally the name of a French cookware brand.