Staple might refer to:



  • The Staple, in English historiography, the entire mediaeval system of trade and its taxation
  • Staple right, a mediaeval right of certain German ports to require merchant vessels to unload and display their goods for sale for a certain period, often three days
  • Statute of the Staple, a statute passed in 1353 by the Parliament of England
  • Merchants of the Staple, an English company which controlled the export of wool to the continent throughout the late mediaeval period
  • Company of Merchant Adventurers of London, brought together London's leading overseas merchants in a regulated company, in the nature of a guild

Trade technical uses

  • Staple food, a (store-able) foodstuff that forms the basic constituent of a diet
  • Staple (textiles), the raw material of fibre from which textiles are made
  • Staple (wool), wool fibres that naturally form themselves into locks