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Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the late 20th and early 21st century, the face and heart, behind "Sound of a Smirk", Jesse Tepper, set himself apart from the common music scene by being an advocate for anything that wasn't mainstream pop and rap. Singing since he was a child, he started finding his own voice and inspiration for music and material when he was 15. Having various influences from across genres (from folk to indie to post-hardcore), he tried to bring them all into his own music, creating a unique blend that mixes the whole-hearted lyrics and finger picking of folk with the heartfelt singing and vivacious strumming of alternative/indie. His peers and fans alike seem to agree that he sets himself apart from his fellow musicians just by being himself, and putting forth his personality into each song, whether a cover or original. Jesse grew his popularity by playing the local scene in Butler, PA and even expanding into the Pittsburgh and Cranberry areas. Now living in New York once again, Jesse is planning to try to get further into the scene there and do exactly what he first tried in Pennsylvania. It seems to have turned out that "Sound of a Smirk" is the one thing that Jesse puts more into than anything else in his life. Music has turned out to be his self-proclaimed meaning.

Now with the release of his first album, 14-track She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not..., Jesse is trying to bring Sound of a Smirk to a new level with a new EP, more live shows, and some expansion on the idea of the project as a whole. Having teamed up with different local musicians in the Hudson Valley area, he has starting adding layers he could never achieve alone. Although Sound of a Smirk will always be his personal music, a fuller sound has never hurt anyone. Having now opened for the likes of A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Mansions, From Indian Lakes, Misser, Diamond Youth, and Young Statues, Sound of a Smirk is reaching an audience he's always hoped for. [+]
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