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Sorina is currently Program Coordinator, working on a number of leadership programs including the Young Leaders Program, the Justice and Administration Leadership Program and also regional Aspen Seminars. Prior to joining the Aspen Institute Romania, Sorina worked for General Electric, under the direct supervision of the CEO for Romania, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova, on internal and external communication, as well as with several Romanian NGOs on good governance and social inclusion projects. Sorina is a graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, where she completed her BSc specializing in International Relations. She then moved to Barcelona to pursue a Master of Research in Political and Social Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University. This education triggered a broad interest in public policies, community rehabilitation and development and migration related issues. Though open to discovering new hobbies such as hiking and long-boarding, in her spare time, Sorina remains faithful to her quest of making the world a better place, focusing mainly on improving life chances of youth living in socially disadvantaged communities. [+]
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