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SOMEDAY I COULD KILL (S.I.C.K.) is the Frankenstein creation heavily influenced by some of the greatest metal acts still dominating the scene to date. The band has a unique sound and diverse influences such as Alice in Chains, Lamb of God, Pantera and Death. Their freshman album "The Wounded" was released in the prime of 2010, and with the original line-­-up, created a foundation for Someday I Could Kill's evolving sound. Originally beginning as what seemed to be a "grunge" band quickly evolved into a hybrid of Southern metal and thrash heavily influenced by elements of punk rock. The band's personal endeavors in the music industry and hard -work have paved the way for bass player and vocalist Ian Gray to sink deep into his rockabilly, punk, and metal roots that have long since been hammering out on a four string for years. The spine of the band and drummer Mike Gill pounds the sounds with the style and grace on the skins with the feverish redoubt of a jungle wild man.
Original founding members Mike Gill and Ian Gray auditioned numerous musicians until finding lead guitarist and vocalist Blake Attoe who soon became a permanent member. Attoe's influences include Chuck Schindler, Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, and Jeff Loomis, all whose elements can be heard in his guitar work. As veracious as his guitar playing proved to be, his vocal lamentations ripped through the ears of metal heads alike. It was then that the sound evolved from a "broiled hash" on the bottom of the coffee pot to a true form of the bands potential. Within the first six months of their new guitarist's unique approach, the group composed their sophomore release "Lashing Back". The album received rave reviews from fans and was considered a breath of fresh air within the underground metal community.
Shortly after their release of "Lashing Back" in April, 2012 the group signed to Flying Fan Management who paved the way to landing them a deal with Turkey Vulture Records. The band was offered a recording contract and recorded their latest effort "Senseless Violence" with producer Jason Z. The new album is set for release in December 2013. The band has further honed its ever-­-evolving sound with the addition of rhythm guitarist Mitch Fulcer who had prior relationships with the band and had built his repertoire through other regional acts such as Fallen Warrior, Shades of Blue, Insidious, and Ashen Empire, leading him to join the fight in the Legion of S.I.C.K. Someday I Could Kill comes at you with a no B.S. approach with a powerful punch to the gut with high energy performances each and every time and leaving the crowd screaming for more. So with that, ladies and gentleman, we proudly present to you…
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