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Simão Soares is an engineer seduced by the enormous transformational potentialities in the Industrial Biotechnology world. He started his career path as an Informatics Engineer interested in expanding his biological knowledge. After some years of training and research in the academia, he became an executive manager looking for the development of novel and competitive industrial processes for the cost effective production of bio-based chemical compounds. Simão is one of the co-founders and the CEO of SilicoLife, a company working in the powerful combination of algorithms and biological knowledge to design microbes acting as cell factories, converting renewables resources into industrial relevant chemicals such as biofuels, chemicals, food ingredients or biopolymers. At SilicoLife, Simão is leading a highly specialized and motivated team that aims to foster this invisible bio-revolution, which is replacing the existing petrochemical-based processes by new and smarter technologies. Our generation cannot ignore global challenges as the fossil fuels dependence, the climate crisis and the need to feed an increasing world population. Simão wants to make his contribution in the definition of sustainable and economically viable solutions to address these problems, namely by combining world-class science with disruptive businesses. [+]
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