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Simeon Soul Charger is an American psychedelic rock band. They're music has been described as a cinematic pastiche of 70's psychedelic, progressive, folk, blues, glam, and stoner rock with
psychological, philosophical, and socio-political lyrical themes portrayed in a storytelling format.

Since their 2008 inception, the band has released 2 extended plays "Simeon Soul Charger" (2009), "All Rather Dead" (2010) 2 long plays "Meet Me in the Afterlife" (2011), "Harmony Square" (2013) and a vinyl single "Cain and Able" (2013) all which have received widespread high acclaim by audiences and music journalists.

In 2011, the band relocated from their hometown of AKron, OHio to a Bavarian farmhouse where they set up a commune-style European base. Between recording albums the band has maintained an extensive tour schedule, oscillating between Europe and The U.S. Their 3rd full length studio album is slated for a 2014 release followed by a European and U.S. tour.

What others have said:


With certainty, we hold a classic in our hands. Truly a quality work.

http://www.rocktimes.de (Germany)

A concept album par excellence. There's nothing to quibble, it is the perfect album. The band pours the story in a coherent context, which is placed in a bed of psychedelic folk-prog with a few allusions to the harder neo-psychedelic music. As the band it is plain and simply fantastic. Harmony square is one of the highlights for me in 2012. 10 out of 10!

http://www.rezensator.de (Germany)

If I had not had a deadline, who knows what might have happened in a fourth or even fifth version of this review. Perhaps this might have become the best record of the century?

- Jan Simon http://www.lordsofmetal.nl (Netherlands)

A departure for Simeon Soul Charger, Harmony Square is as surprising as it is impressive and as bold as it is personal. Across its fifteen tracks you'll find many crafted contradictions, making an already compelling journey all the more captivating.

- Steven Reid http://www.seaoftranquility.org

Evolving graceful, burlesque folk prog which makes room for beatlesque melodies, distorted, psychedelic guitars, carnival music, Hardrock-outbreaks, lyrical flute parts, idiosyncratic percussion, dreamy tales, oblique, almost atonal passages and dark moods . A dense network of musical scenes, moods and depressing atmosphere will capture the listener and overwhelmed him a little with the fullness of the sensual musical experiences.

- Thomas Kohlruß http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de (Germany)


"One of the most exciting debut albums of recent years. You HAVE to hear this great record, and as soon and as often as possible!"

-Rock Hard Magazine (Germany)

Boasting a swaggering confidence, Simeon Soul Charger blatently defies categorization.
-Jeff Niesel/Scene Magazine (U.S.)

"It is duly-substantiated to regard Simeon Soul Charger from Ohio as the next hype,"
-www.trespass.ch (Switzerland)

" This is a group that will devastate everything in its path in the coming months. "
- Music in Belgium (Belgium)

Eclipsed Magazines (Germany) Top 100 albums (55) of 2011 [+]
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