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Silver Pockets Trio creates music that takes you on a musical journey like no path that your ears have taken. The styling of Brian on guitar gives off a mystical vibe that you grasp every note with him. Joshua's bass lines have such a finesse to them that they allow your soul to groove with every note. The thunderous rolls from Alex on drums create such a drive within yourself to live the music. The combination of the three produces such an incredible sonic landscape that will have you hooked from note one.

Brian Goins- Guitarist/Vocals

Brian Goins began playing the guitar at age 9, culminating in a fruitful search of inspiration from musicians of all styles and genres. Taking note of artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Robert Johnson he began to craft his own style. The amount of dedication and passion in Brian's playing has been there ever since the start, and continues to grow with each musical experience. After constant practice and crafting of his own style, Brian started his first trio, which went through various changes throughout, and eventually became six-member supergroup Sorry I Shrunk Your Sweatervest. The band gained notoriety throughout Brian's high school years, but eventually the two groups that were involved went their own paths. Eventually Brian started a new group, Brian Goins and the Goners. Playing many successful shows around the area, and having a few noteworthy tunes, this experience geared Brian towards the performance side of music, and really educated him in the combination of both performance and musicianship. Brian also studies Music Education with a focus in percussion at Berkeley.

Joshua Donaldson- Bass/Vocals

Joshua Donaldson is a guitarist from the west side of Cincinnati who has been honing his craft for twenty-six years and pulls from every genre of music. Starting at age 6, Donaldson began by wanting to be like his older brother and listened to anything heavy. Growing up on Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament his music lessons came in a backwards way…finding blues/classic rock/jam band styles later in his musical journey. Singing in choir and Barber Shop Quartet throughout school, taking music theory through high school solidified the fact that he is eclectic as they come. His days at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music studying as a Vocal Performance Major and Music Theory Minor put the finishing touches on his artistic style. Upon the creation of SPT, the group searched for the perfect bassist. They had no luck at which time, Josh decided to conquer the bass. He has only been playing for 6 months but you wouldn't be able to tell. Josh was also the songwriter and guitarists for successful Cincinnati based groups, Second Chance At Eden and Life After This.

Alex Miller - Drums/Percussion

Alex Miller is a rock drummer born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Introduced to the tunes of Led Zeppelin early on, he became fascinated with the sound of classic rock and the thunderous beats coming from John Bonham. As a member of the Cincinnati Blues Society’s Blues in The Schools Band, Alex noticed the blues elements that Zeppelin had in their famous sound as a kid and became interested in the blues and its influence in contemporary rock and roll. Alex received his first set of drums at the age of fourteen and immediately took to learning songs using the methods he knew from playing the video game, Rock Band. A week later, Alex began playing with a friend who played guitar and started his first band. Since then, Alex has played in several bands over the last couple years and in venues all over the Cincinnati area. Alex plays with a powerful Bonham-esque style that has established him as a well known local drummer with the energy of a freight train. [+]
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