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June 2008
Forward Operating Base Warrior
Southern Afghanistan

A phone call is made from Army Sgt. Jacob Carter to his brother Joshua Carter. Halfway through his second deployment, Sgt. Carter is checking in to let Josh know that he is still alive and well. They reminisce about life, particularly of the time they shared playing music together as children. Josh, who has worked in many projects of various genres, pleads with his brother Jacob to consider coming home after this deployment, to form a purpose driven, alternative rock, band like they had always talked about growing up. Sgt. Carter states that he will need time to consider the possibility.

Sept. 2008
Kandahar Air Base
Southern Afghanistan

Another phone call is made from Sgt. Carter to Joshua Carter. In a tired and weary voice, Sgt. Carter accepts the offer proposed by his brother. Before they can finish discussing this future endeavor, a warning siren sounds off in the background. Through the chaos, Josh hears his brother’s voice crackling over the war torn phone lines, “I love you brother. I have to go.” The line goes dead.

Months go by without word.

April 27th 2009
Fort Sill Oklahoma

Finally, after three years of combat deployment, Sgt. Jacob Carter returns home. By the time Jacob was processed out of the Army, Josh had already begun to gather the people that would be the necessary elements to begin their new venture.

Robert Lewellen, a formally trained drum instructor whose iron clad drumming, and devotion had been a staple in a number of previous bands. Robert was a,"no questions asked," decision. In the audition it is said, he was given a rather complicated piece of music, in which he played, for all intents and purposes, to perfection, all while changing out a pair of sticks multiple times, "Just for a challenge."

Zach Bandy, a well known guitar player, recognized for his leadership, writing ability, style, and creative flow, had been witnessed by Josh a year earlier, in a Louisville, Kentucky night club. Bandy, who had been performing live and writing since the age of 13, was also the manager of his previous bands. He remains the bands spokesman of sorts.

Chris Marple, former touring guitarist for FLAW, also known for his work in, Caldera and Kentucky Death Wish, had often been sought after for his knowledge and complex playing. Unable to find what felt like, "home," Marple had taken some time away from the scene, while further perfecting his craft. It was during this period, that he was asked to attend a practice with the guys. Home was found, and a dexterity of creation was born.

Upon the first meeting of the band, it was decided that the band name should embody the trials of their past and the tremendous forward momentum, leading them into the future. With the state of the world and society's disposition for change, a goal was etched in place...create art to make an impact. On September 8th 2009, they would become, Signal the Revolution.

Immediately, S.T.R., as the fans love to chant, was generating song after song. Within a month after forming, the band had booked their first show, opening for Jive Records recording artist, Matt Schultz of Cage the Elephant, at the Jambodian's Music Festival, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In less than a year, Signal the Revolution, was drawing 400-500 people in the Louisville, Kentucky area to every show, without an album of any kind. Signal The Revolution released the, “Revolution” demo, May 6th 2011, while opening for, Settle Up recording artist, Seven Mary Three. The minute, Signal the Revolution, stepped off of the stage, hundreds of people in a crowd that had never heard S.T.R. were standing, in line to buy a CD. Since, the band has shared the stage with, Powerman 5000, Black Stone Cherry, Adema, Hot Action Cop, MONA, and other national acts. As they continue to grow in popularity, requests for the band have been constant, and the possibilities-limitless. And so it has been, with their uncanny ability to draw fans from all walks of life, S.T.R. will keep pushing forward, bringing people together to do one thing…
Signal the Revolution

The band has begun work with producer, Toby Wright, (Metallica, Alice In Chains, Korn) as well as producer Skidd Mills (Sick Puppies, Theory Of A Deadman, Pop Evil..) for the release of new material expected mid 2013.

Vocals: Josh Carter
Guitars: Zach Bandy
Guitars: Chris Marple
Bass: Jake Carter
Drums: Robert Lewellen

Booking: Ashley Johns: RivalryMG@Gmail.com (859) 462-0725 ALT. Contact (270) 617-8412
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